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D’Addario was born in Ariano Irpino in December 1950. Three years later the family moved to Ancona where they lived until 1982. During that time, and after a period of irregular studies he was involved in a variety of activities but continued his great interest for Art and Painting. Eventually he graduated from the Ancona School of Art where he teaches at present.
He has been exhibiting his work since 1970.
From time to time, involved in the realisation of Art editions and in the creation of graphic posters for other artists who through time have also become his friends: Sculptors such as Edgardo Manucci and Pericle Fazzini as well as the painter Remo Brindisi. He is acquainted with and collaborated with Orfeo Tamburi, Virgilio Guidi, Enzo Nasso, Ivo Panaggi, Mimmo Rotella, Piero Dorazio, Giulio Turcato, Alberto Burri, Eliseo Mattiacci, Achille Pace and many others.
“Edgardo Mannucci encouraged me in my painting and we were bound, not only by our friendship but also by a genuine esteem for each other’s work. I still exhibit my work from that period throughout Italy and abroad. It was a period when I was searching for a poetic sensibility. I eliminate any possible obstacles which could compromise the understanding of my paintings. They
are therefore, more direct, more profound, more harmonious due to the use of a variety of symbols and shapes which emerge from the painted base (Bostik, rope, metal).
“Later, continuing to develop the minimalistic and harmonious effects of the symbols and shapes but feeling the need for a greater detachment from the canvas, creating more contact with the surrounding space, the illusion of being somehow separate from the painting itself and therefore
from the traditional idea of painting as such. I find the use of other media which is traditionally connected to sculpture such as metal compositions, extremely interesting and fruitful”.
“My most recent artistic phase, marked by a more intense use of metallic and sculptural elements, has been enriched by new, important, intellectual influences. This is in part due to my involvement
with “La Fondazione di cultura internazionale Armando Verdiglione” which offers a rare and intelligently well balanced patronage to contemporary art as does this volume also aim to fulfill”
(Salvatore D’Addario, Ancona, October 11 2006).

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