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Philip Bourney was born in 1950.
At primary school, he met an art teacher who changed his life. At that time, it was very difficult to communicate others, he taught her to express themselves through drawing.
Thereafter, it is not able to follow his artistic training at the art school, but he had to take another job to support herself. After work, he took many evening classes in drawing, composition, painting, art history .

Attracted by the happiness and airiness impressionism and pointillism, he quickly stop to pursue what seem essential to him.

For several years he is working on childhood, mainly the injured children . If he shows us the fragility and vulnerability of children , especially he wants to highlight the injustices that affect them. In fact, he hopes to change men.

He works from his memories or everyday life images, then he extracts all temporal cue or scene to maintain the universal expression . It hardly doesn't need color because it want we reveal what is hidden in us

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