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Passionate about interactions, travel, reading and science, it is always with a notebook and a chewed pencil that I have grown and learned.

So much so that even during a relatively conventional professional career, this pencil accompanied me in meetings.

Fifteen years of varied professional experience (private and public companies in the field of finance, industry, publishing, education or culture) allowed me to experience the challenges of these companies but also to get involved in their human organizations.

Listening to myself, observing and listening to my environment to better understand the big picture and estimate the details. This is a way of being that I applied both to my "classic" career and in the expression of my passion.
Today I use my business experience for the benefit of my passion and my passion for the benefit of companies.

Indeed branding, logo design, do they not consist of "Find the right word to express the essence of a drawing" and vice versa "Capture the right line to underline the right words"?

So for launch of new products, internal and external communication just let my creativity bubble and fizz to the best of your "pop".

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