The Japanese shams

The greatest threat to world peace is the ressurection of the Japanese Nazi, what is most satiric to global intelligence is that these second world war devils are pretending that they are the victims of the Second World War, they are now making a lot of noices to accuse others of menacing their securities. In fact the japs are just making pretences so as to erase their war crimes and they are doing all kinds of tricks to erase memories of their war crimes. When they bark at the North Koreans and yell that the North Koreans are threatening their securities, they are almost successful to deceive the world that the Japs are the most vulnerable in Asia, They are shaming naive and weak so that they can find more reasons to arm themselves to the teeth. May be some people are cheated by these Japanese shams, yet I warn you if the Japs are allowed to arm to the teeth, the whole world will be under threats. After all who is the most inclined for revenges?
I am very anti- Japanese, if only you have read journals on how sex slavery was abused by the Japs in the Second World War, and now they shamelessly deny their crimes ,their infamous conducts go as far as to scandalize the sex slaves as willing prostitutes. Other nations who have commited crimes repent their sins and pay their debts, I respect these nations who are really great and brave, but these Japs just want to shake off their sins simply as shaking off dirts from their bodies. They deny the massacre in Nanking,they go to worship their war criminals in their infamous temple, they are demonstrating to the world that their war sins and crimes are the social values to be honoured and embraced in Japan, while they still owe to all Asians heavy blood debts , they sham victims to impounds prescribed in the After War Peace Treaty to bind their behaviour.Now the Japs are bluntly kicking off all peace treaties and intend to arm themselves to the teeth. May be the Japs have paid their debts to the Americans, but the debts they owe to all Asians are still indelible.